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Something about..........me :

- I was born in Naples (Italy), and since when I was very young,

the passion for music grew in me more and more,

and stronger than every other thing.


- I have had many musical experiences playing in various bands

with excellent musicians who teached me

"the profession of musician" in the field,

and they gave me the desire to constantly improve and get involved.


- I always try to be attentive and updated on the various musical genres

and current sonorities, and above all on the instrumentation,

which allows me to obtain a clean and homogeneous sound

during LIVE,

that envelops the audience and transmits a melody of effect,

even playing at moderate volumes

and even only with piano and voice, acoustically.


Something about..........my beginnings & background :


- At the age of 5,

I got the first piano as a gift from my dear aunt Amelia

and it looked like a gigantic wooden box where I could strum

all the songs that I heard on the radio

and that were playing in those days.

(with one hand, I put the other in my pocket,

because I didn't know how to use it).


- I started studying classical music in 1978

with a famous teacher in my city, and until 1987,

but the passion for rock and pop grew in me more and more;

and so, instead of the classics,

I enjoyed playing

the songs of italian and foreign bands and songwriters.


- I signed up to the S.I.A.E.

(Italian Society of Authors and Publishers)

1987 (exam as TEXT AUTHOR - Naples)

1992 (exam as COMPOSER - Rome)


I-  started playing in various musical formations, bands, trios, duos,

both in the clubs of my city and in private ceremonies

and I participated in several singing competitions,

both with the band and as a single.


- Since 2004 I have started working mainly for major cruise lines

and in luxury hotels around the world.


Something about..........my music :


- I have a wide repertoire covering popular music from the 50's ,


British and American STANDARDS, Pop, Rock, Ballroom,

Latin, Disco 70' / 80' / 90'


- Furthermore, from 2017

I started to perform and inmprove my ITALIAN SHOW,

consisting in a section of famous italian hits from SANREMO festival,

plus , a wide selection of ITALIAN DISCO DANCE MUSIC

(ITALO DISCO) from the 80's / 90's

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